Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chinese Friends in Taveuni, Fiji

The main road that leads to Somosomo also leads to the Chinese housing provided by the People's Republic of China for the mini hydro power project Chinese employees.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama officiated in the ground-breaking ceremony in July 2014 that began the hydro project which will provide electricity in the surrounding areas around Somosomo, 10 kilometers in the South and North ends of Taveuni.

Through GOD's Providence, i met Lisa, one of the engineers involved with the building of the hydro project -- and we became mutual friends. She invited me to the housing complex where i was glad to see her colleagues' "green-thumb" abilities -- just like the typical Fijian farmers on the island.

They had planted vegetables in almost all the available ground space -- such as this bok choy, a type of Chinese cabbage.

And spring onions...

And string beans...

And cucumbers...

EVERY thing (other than the fresh produce and meats) needed by the Chinese workers were shipped in from China -- the prefabricated building materials (including the Chinese-style flushing toilets!), the furnitures for the offices and sleeping quarters, the basic everyday necessities (for cooking, washing, laundry...you name it!) -- it seemed that NOthing was not provided for by the Chinese company that partnered with the Fijian government for this project.

Even their brooms (almost like the Fijian "sasa") -- and wheelbarrows (like the one pictured above) -- were all brought in by containers from China.

Lisa's pretty co-workers -- Tina and Rita -- enjoying their stay in Taveuni...

Ham -- he's in charge of buying food supplies, including live pigs for butchering...

And the chef (i couldn't pronounce her name when we met; and i can't remember it now, "au sa qase!") -- who always gave me the left-overs to take to my family in Naselesele. Her kitchen had woks and chopsticks and ALL the spices needed to create her delicious concoctions!

Simply delicious...maleka saraga...talagang masarap...muy delicioso! Authentic Chinese food -- eaten with much gusto...with chopsticks, of course.

Unforgettable Lisa -- GOD provided this unique blessing-of-a-lady for my family's and my enjoyment! i praise GOD, our ALLmighty Creator and Father in heaven, for His generous loving hand! \o/

A lovely ambassador from China -- my friend Lisa!

Lisa -- so lovely in her utter friendliness and willingness to help whenever she perceived a need --modeling her rLn original...

A man (or woman) who has friends must himself be friendly; but there is a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24)

And my dearEST, MOST precious Friend is CHRIST JESUS, my LORD! HE is THE Friend inDEED for He has promised that He will NEVER, no NEVER, EVER leave nor forsake those who trust in Him! And i KNOW that He canNOT lie -- He keeps ALL His promises! HALLELUJAH \o/ 

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