Thursday, October 30, 2014

GODventureZ with the SDMTS

i'm GODventuring today with my LORD --
Today with my LORD... in this world!

Destination -- Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs...

This was my first time to ride a bus again (in San Diego) in decadeS -- and GOD was SO kind to have a bus-driver trainee to answer all my questions...

"Scenic" route = many stops! At one of these stops, a Hispanic woman sat with me -- and we had a wonderFUL time chatting in Spanish...

Maria was taking the same route i was, even to the catching of another bus to get to our similar destinations!

 Maria took me to her favorite La Concha bakery, located near the bus-stop where we had to change buses...

BeautiFUL Chula Vista skies -- as wispy clouds hovered overhead...

Mi amiga Maria -- muchas gracias por ayudarme... vaya con DIOS, mi amiga buena!

A teen's "super heroes" backpack...
CHRIST JESUS is my all-time, all-ways, all-mighty supernatural Hero!

Arrived safe and sound -- via a very entertaining, hour-journey on SDMTS...

Westfield Plaza Bonita... where some folks will shop 'til they drop!

SDMTS -- wheelchair-enabled buses -- and bus-driver Harold attached hooks onto the wheelchairs for safety. On the return trip,  i spoke with Tony, the elderly gentleman (above photo, on the right) who was going to the Salvation Army hall for lunch...

...and Tony graciously gave me these very pretty CHRISTmas cards!

Here's the love-poem/ditty that i sang as i GODventured with my LORD...

i'm GODventuring today with my LORD,
GODventuring, GODventuring with my LORD!
i'm GODventuring today with my LORD,
Today with my LORD -- in this world!

GOD sent me Maria, my friendly Hispanic guide,
To be my amiga on this hour-long bus-ride!
May GOD bless Maria with The Heavenly Guide,
May the LORD JESUS -- with her, allways abide!

Thank You, FATHER, for this lovely GODventure,
Smiling all the while through this spontaneous adventure!
Thank You, sweet JESUS, for all these pictures,
Sweet reminders of our fun-filled GODventureZ!

Stay away from the love of money; be satisfied with what you have. For GOD has said, "I will never, never fail you nor forsake you." (Hebrews 13:5)