Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today at work, we celebrated Mexico's 200th anniversary of their independence, as we have many workers of Mexican nationality. Of course it was "tame" compared to actual fiesta activities on the other side of the border, but it was a very "full-filling" "pot-luck! A grand occasion with much camaraderie and laughter...

Tostadas, carne asada, mole, flan, guacqamole, pollo y arroz, tortillas, frijoles... And we Americanos added salads and brownies to the flavorful contributions. Oni kindly contributed chicken adobo and rice -- a Filipino favorite.

Since it was also Maia's birthday, i contributed this very chocolate chocolate cake -- it had two pounds of chocolate mousse in between the layers!

Here's Angel and Ariadna, with some of the hungry bunch -- enjoying the tasty lunch...

Maia with birthday surprises from her momma -- Trail Mix and an rLn's OFF-the-Wall original.

The guys having a little soccer fun...burning off a few calories after all fiesta food!

Kedid...joyfilled with his own rLn original -- J.O.Y. Nehemiah 8:10 -- Do not sorrow for the joy of the LORD is your strength.

Working here is indeed a GODventureZ -- where else can i experience the sabor of Mexico without crossing the border? i used to backpack to exotic parts of the world just to "see the view" -- now i embark on journeys, even to those places just around the corner -- to experience the people GOD allows to cross my life path.

i've learned that a view is just a view -- a breathtaking vista, a photo op. But getting to know a people, person to person -- face to face -- is to me the true journey...a GODventureZ indeed!