Friday, June 29, 2012

WWJD -- What Would JESUS Do?

 WWJD – What Would JESUS Do?

What would JESUS do?
Never you mind what others would –
Filo, Petero, or even Manu.

To always choose wisely,
All you need to do –
Is to follow CHRIST JESUS closely.

Would JESUS, on drugs, get high?
No!  Rather He would fly
A kite higher than the sky.

Would JESUS smoke tobacco or weed?
No, never!  Rather He would help
All those in trouble and in need.

Would JESUS get drunk and brawl?
No, never ever!  Rather He would give
His surpassing peace and everlasting joy to y’all.

WHAT would JESUS do?
Whatever is good and heavenly –
THAT only, He would do.

What would you do?
So that your choice –
Later, you would not rue.

THINK! before you decide,
May your choice be lovely –
And, In CHRIST, abide.

Turaga na Koro JONI set an example for NASELESELE Village
by pledging to quit an abused substance.
Makarita won the prize for Best Oratory, for Class 5-6.
May her "light so SHINE before men, that they may see
her good works and glorify her Father in Heaven."
 (Matthew: 5:16)