Saturday, December 29, 2012


Neighboring islands, seen from Narova hilltop...with the floodgates of Heaven opened up like searchlights to illuminate the surrounding seas.

Poignant reminder of our young Beni...

Jotama trapped in a bucket of trouble!

GOD's awesome, breath-taking, jaw-dropping creativity is infinitely and gloriously expressed in His Creation!
The heavens declare the glory of GOD; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.  (Psalm 19:1)

Kindergarten artist...after my own heart!

First picnic outing to Viubani Island in our newly bought, very leaky, very used boat!

Valerie, our very decorated kavalagi guest...

Leone showing off his high moves on the school trampoline while Jotama and Meresiali watch in rapt attention...

Vili climbed up this tree to handpick these wax apples.  The flesh is spongy white and juicy sweet when fully ripe.

Many "meditative" moments spent watching these mangoes grow...this wide-angle view is from the restroom window at Nau Tuvi's house.

A precious moment, captured, when all three boys were happy, all at the same time; and Nau Tuvi happy, too, because she didn't have to kuita (spank) anyone!

Kani's first day to go to Kindergarten at the Naselesele Village school...we prayed for him, as well as for Miriama, Leone and Jotama -- "O LORD, grow them up to be godly leaders, to faithfully follow You, our Great Shepherd, so that they may bear good fruit in abundance.  Amen!"

In our high-tech, ultra-busy world, sometimes it's hard to stop the doing, to stop the going, to stop the achieving -- and to just be still, to just quietly reflect, to just calmly wait...for His Second Advent.